Tuesday, 3 November 2015

splitting the root,

I used to give out a seed between Dec 2010 & summer 2012,

it was a seed to open the door to the crossroads, gave it
out to around a 100 people, some times all i needed was
a witty comment & I saw it go in there,

this is what they mean by splitting the root,

there are quotes of this,

king of nothing


pauper in paradise,

a king of nothing has not the gift of the spirit & like
Fenrir caught in the mythical Gleipnr,

while though a man be poor if he has the seed he
is like deep deep water with activity in his spirit,

with the seed you have an untold gift while if you
haven't the seed you are deluded by your own bath

the bible is all about this, the gift of the Buddha is
no different, the bible is about one thing & this is it,
the Buddha is about the same thing,

the bible is not truly about superficial moral laws but
about the gift of the spirit no different than the Buddha

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