Thursday, 26 February 2015

the prophetic & the psychiatric,

those who quote have psychiatric issues
all go off cues,

they usually speak off cues, if they go
off on a tangent & say certain things
they are going off cues,

say the sun is out a quote psychiatric
will talk about the beach or bikinis,

if it is raining the quote psychiatric
may talk about the green giant,

if there are women with red hair near
they may talk about ginger, the quote
psychiatric speak off of cues,

they take in the observation & speak
off their activated sub conscious,

the quote psychiatric take in the
surroundings & speak in terms they
speak of things they sub consciously
absorb from their surroundings,

there may be certain things happening
thousands of miles away, but they see
certain things in their immediate
surroundings & speak to those things
millions of miles away,

the quote psychiatric see their immidiate
surroundings & speak, at times it may
be near other times they are speaking
to things very far away, they code it
from their immediate surroundings &
speak to things happening or to be,

the sun rises in the east & a quote
psychiatric speaks of the sun setting
in the west,  if you are privy to Pink Floyd
& their coding of messages it is very similar,
you watch Pink Floyd the wall on acid
& it will clarify for seeing things deep
under the surface, or that of U2 & their
being the Pink Flyod of the Yuppies,

a quote mental illness is like being on acid,
& very much so as a quote by Nietzsche,
those dancing were thought to be strange
by those who could not hear the music,
Nietzsche's quote has never been so

below as an aside,

I tried reading a commentary on Nietzsche
& my favorite message of his just as one of
my favor concepts not really baering on
the message here, but that one speaks the
mountains  & one is let to fill in the valleys,

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