Sunday, 4 January 2015

the marraige of Lucifer,

if you have progressed all faces of the crossroads & took no wife then you are fit for the marraige to Lucifer or New Jerusalem,

the one who has no desire of women is the 144,000 singers as a person & he or she is to wed Lucifer or the New Jerusalem who is the entirety of the demonic as they are purified,

the entirety of the purified demonic is the city of New Jerusalem,

if you took a wife at any point on the crossroads you are then a eunuch, Jezebel when she lived had sex parties every new moon to see if her ever new lovers could take her to godhood, each guy who had her & didn't get her there was nut cut, those were the eunuchs who pushed her out the tower when Jehu was riding in,

basically if you took a wife at the crossroads you had your night with Jezebel & if you didn't taker her there she nut cut you & now you resulted in being a eunuch, or as the book of the Apocalypse says here in the letter to Thyatira in the book of the Apocalypse 2:20-23,

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