Sunday, 27 April 2014

the new face of EMPs, & revolutionary technology vs bunker buster bombs,

emp positions made into the tech your nation sells abroad,

EMP implanted in all techs your nation sells abroad,

example, EMP bases spread through out all cell phones
for a web blanket of EMP structures,

EMP technology implanted in televisions radios stereos
dvd machines, computers,

all with the express purpose for using as a blanket web
of EMPs  over a wave of Systemic,

bunker technologies,

imagine a sink of water & you slap your hand on it,
your hand is going to sting,

imagine doing a belly flop from 20-30 feet up, you
aren't going to feel so good after that are you,

descent water face, for bunker buster bombs, create
a plate that destroys the density by the speed &
mass it has & uses,

the conjunction of speed & mass descenting it's self
to it's own ruin,

so they filmed, a gun shooting a bullet into gelatin
& the bullet dieing in speed in the gelatin,

create wave masses that at collision they wave
the full surface for the impact & on top of that
face the collision with tranquility in how water
faces a guy doing a belly flop, suspensions like
water but using more heavy viscous like salt water,
heavy water, liquid concrete in suspension &
with augments to stop it from coagulating, use
liquids that are a suspension that when there is
impact the whole freezes, like at impact a curcuit
goes through the entire layers of the bunker be it
liquid suspensions or sand metals concrete that
through all layers individually that electric current
smokes each layer & like a suspension of the current
in each individual layer that the electric current
meets the collision as a hardener from the
current in the layers,

at impact the electric current fuses in solidity the
layers like a freze to face the collision in being frozen
by the current run through suspensions or sand
or mretal or concrete, like the momentary current
through the layers faces the hand slapping the
tub of water as if the current made each layer
solid like a bug zapper racket, the momentary
electrical current in the layers of the bunker
renders the bomb as the electrical current
would be like a muscle flex versus the bunker
buster bomb,

the entirety of the electrical current is the likes
of a muscle flex in hardening the bunker layers
versus the pinch, like a muscle flexing,

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