Sunday, 20 April 2014

the hague,

there is a parable in the gospels &
I can see it already taking place
in America, to be sure the FBI & CIA

the unjust steward, beating the men
& maid servants getting drunk with
the drunkards not giving the servants
meat in due season, acting like
the master will never return,

the party is about to stop, bandwagons
like racism or homophobia or climate
change, they thought they could keep
torturing people without restraint,

those who fell into the trap of
torturing people took the bait &
thought they could party forever,
they like racism & homophobia thought
they had no law to follow, but
transparency is coming as well as
in house investigations,

the trap for fools to jump on the
bandwagon of torturing people &
find out it in a sense was a trap
to see who would act with a law or
without law,

those who acted without law will
soon find out the thing was nearly
just a trap to set up those of
lawlessness & as a set up for
accepting cultures,

it's a hard concept to explain,

the entire thesis antithesis &

the set up of torture & guys jumping
on that all for it to be a meet at a
climax to yep do the problem reaction
solution, then those who stayed on
the bandwagon, pinched,

hard concept to explain, hope you
get my flow on this topic,

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