Tuesday, 29 April 2014

posilbe help for those in back injury paralysis,

create like an artificial spine that gives off the same eneryg reading that the electrical impulse of that of the spine for putting the body in motion,

every time we move there is a chemical reaction & an energy created to put the body in motion,

there is possibly a frequency created in catalytic energy that puts the body in motion no different than robots in motion due to currents flushing the body for motion,

create an artifial spine that creates the electrcal impulses to revigor the latency of muscle & body dismembered from the spine due to trauma,

Chiropractors often use different techniques when working with bone and muscle, alleviating whatever discomforts the patient may be experiencing. Similar to how a defibrillator attempts to shock the heart back into the correct rhythmic patterns, the same goes with the nervous system. The muscles in the system have a certain pattern that promotes optimal performance and whenever those nerves in the muscles are numbed or left idle, they must be re-entered into the pattern within a timely fashion or risk being permanently lost. In order to get the muscles back in line with the nervous system, the same processes that already govern it have to be duplicated. One way this can be accomplished is through what's called muscle stimulation.
Different size portions of pulses are sent to the nerve endings. These pulses target a number of possible patient ailments which include; reducing muscle spasms, regaining strength, lessening of pain and healing promotion. The stimulation process entails the pulses being entered in. This, in turn, allows the nerves in the muscles to contract and therefore settle back down into a more normal pattern. People who are immobile can still benefit from stimulation to a certain extent by having their muscle nerves toned without having to physically exercise their muscles themselves. The benefits of having electric stimulation administered by a licensed professional, like a chiropractor, are that the sessions are done in a controlled setting where abnormal changes can easily be troubleshot and corrected.

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