Monday, 28 April 2014

if you are on psyche-meds,

bear with the meds no matter how hard it is,

mine cause my nights of vomiting & suffocating
& choking, every night I awake like a bag is
over my head suffocating,

if you wait long enough you can get marvelous
gifts from the medications opening your

I'd say probably all psyche=meds expand
the consciousness of the one taking those

one time in October 2010 my medications
left me with 6 sleepless night, that gave me a
massive bump,

yep, the meds are hard but in the end
what they give is worth it,

you can notice things in your horizon
most can't understand, think of Fight

if you are on Psyche-meds, an entire new
world awaits you once the most of what the
medications can do have done all they can

my doctor says medications have no
lasting side effects,

I don't know what he's smoking or if
he just likes to lie,

if a guy were strung out on coke or
heroine or Meth, I imagine even
decades later you could see the results
of said drugs,

most of where I came from strated in
2003 after from there being on
Wellbutrin for 3 painful years of extreme
 general anxiety due to the Welly, after
that my life course was very much carved
 in stone, it totally changed my out look
 on life, becomig quote Spiritual &
 looking at life more than the two kids
 picket fence most people desire,

those three years totally changed the
desires I had in life, not being like
carnival granolas, but more true
ascetic, closer to what a monk in
Thailand would be, though I have
deep Jesus interests I also recognize
guys like Baughuan Rajneesh or

in my opinion the Dali Lama is a
joke on top of that Eckhart Tolle,

the guys who are true won't be
grandstanding & entrenched in the
lavish the way they seem to, any
of the ascetic would fully understand,

if you are truly in the ways of emotional
growth those lifestyles pale to the
 goals searched for,

I find it funny that many people fight over
doing the big things in search of whatever,

no one would possibly think of doing the real
things that make change,

there is always the guy at the gym who
works out 4 or 5 hours a day but doesn't
have a diet ironed out,

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