Tuesday, 25 March 2014

the pseudo science of psychiatry,

I took myself off benzos one time back around 2006, about 2 sleepless nights,

you get past it,

couple days is about all it takes,

there are worse drugs though, been on a lot of those too,

the psychiatric system is a pseudo science though,

if you know what a bird is,

it's just people in the wilderness trying to wrangle strong women,

the only reason for the bible, women or birds,

if you know what a bird is that's all you need to know & you'll get past the system,

the psychiatric system is garbage,

all it is on a whole are like I said just people wrangling strong birds,

the same proverb spoken in Conan the original motion picture,

the hand in the glove,

the hand weilding the sword,

women or spirits,

the same could be said of the holy ghost in a man, the bird & the man,

yep, the holy ghost being the hand the body or host the sword,

Jesus they say was 40 days in the wilderness before becoming pure with the spirit,

you'll never hear this from a doctor or nurse,

the biggest untold secret on the planet,

you recite this to a nurse or doctor you'll never see the light of day,

spirits in men,

the nephilim of the book of Noah, literal giants, burt now the giants are all intellectual giants not in flesh giants,

the holy ghost makes wives too,

two sides of the same coin,

one wife the holy ghost, demonic spirits the other side,

I'm positive you know what women are from other conversations,

that's all you need to know,

btw, yep, you recite this to a nurse or doctor you'll never see the light of day,

if i didn't have a near life time of years in the psychiatric
wing playing games with my head constantly trying to
keep my head down I imagine I never would have figured anything out,

yep a near life time of head games can expose a lot,

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