Tuesday, 25 March 2014

one more technology that most likely no one can build with out more hundereds of years to pass like my other techs

water resonance,

all bodies are made up of
mostly water,

a water resonance reader
to read the resonance of
bodies with mostly water,

if you think something,
usually most times you'll
even speak it under your

if you even think most
ideas your mouth will
usually mimic it,

if even thinking an idea
goes through the under
of your breath,

all you need is to read
the water resonance in
the body giving the idea,

you think an idea, it will
usually go through your
mouth un-able to stop
the water resonances,

came up with this idea in
the psyche-ward in about
2011 or 2012, can't remember,
the year, last 4 years been a blur,

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